Beijing Old City Wall

Beijing Old City Wall

The 3000 year old city wall is now a long through the city meandering park with the gate still intact at a number of places.

In ancient China, there were only a few cities without a city wall, the wall and the gate had everything to do with the destiny of the city, the wall of the residence enclosed was the most important part of the city.

The Beijing city wall is a first class masterpiece and the main character of the city. The huge bricks were intended not only to defend but also as a major project to enhance the beauty and appearance of Beijing to embody, it is a symbol that mankind made a step towards civilization.           

Because the felon that Beijing’s ancient capital of China, the city wall always been an issue where the dynasties have focused on, the history of the city wall dates back to a later period of the Shang dynasty between the 16th and the 11th century BC, at that time there were two kingdoms in China the Yan and the Ji. The Yan built the city wall.

The wall has a very rich look and different slopes and the bricks are stacked point trapeze, while the inside is much steeper than the outside, the wall was equipped with a horse path up to the wall and come back from there to, there is also an archery tower above the gate, there are no more intact remnants of that period. What can still be seen is built in the Jin, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasty.     

If you drive north on Anding Road you pass the wall halfway through the third and fourth ring road. Each gate had its own destiny, the Chaoyangmen was for the grain supply, Chongwenmen was the wine gate, Xuanwumen was for the prisoners and Fuchengmen was for coal and other products.

The main destination of the wall was of course the defense of the city but also to give importance to the political, economic and cultural fields.

After the emergence of the Republic of China much broken down for construction but there are a number of fortresses still open to the public and definitely worth a visit.  



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