Temple fairs, the year of the Ox

Temple fairs, the year of the Ox

On the night of the 25th to January 26, 2009, we have thoroughly enjoyed the fireworks that the malignant demons have driven the New Year so we could go with only benign helpful spirits. We are one day with the CCC (Chinese Culture Center) and have been to temple fairs.

We gathered a quarter to nine the morning at the CCC office and from there by bus gone into town, the first stop was the “Dongyue” temple there were many performances in front of the entrance, special dances in traditional costumes and acrobatics, indoor stalls were all over the fairground style quoits, throw balls, balloons, shooting etc. Many snack stalls and of course there was much incense offered for Buddha.

Wednesday morning we went to the CCC again, we depart with 4 buses to Donkey Village in Daxing that is a small local village an hour outside the city but it seems you are put back 20 years in time walking through the village, although there is much to build and renewed, here was a great show given by a men and women dance and show group in multicolored clothing, there was music and drums, and of course not missing the Sets runners here, which gave a good and professional show! It was also a delight to look for local spectators and children so beautiful and spontaneous.

For lunch we were all invited to the local people’s homes divided into groups of 8 people, we got some snacks and vegetables and as main course Dumplings in 3 types, delicious, and those people were so friendly and welcoming!

After lunch we got a show on a square in the village, there was a comedian who did a number of acts, a magician and a puppet show for young and old, all very funny and there was much laughter.

Then again all in the buses and at 4 o’clock we were back in town, toke a taxi home and the rest of the day free.


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