Stories and Books

Stories and Books

In 1993 I arrived in China for the first time, with many more visits in the years following. Since 2004 my wife and I are living in Beijing. During these 24 years I traveled to most of the Chinese Provinces and Cities. 

This are the stories about my travel experiences and about the Chinese festivals and their history.

Water Splashing Festival: Open story

Temple fairs, the year of the Ox: Open story

Beijing Qianmen Street: Open story

Moon festival: Open story

Lei Feng Story: Open story

Lantern Festival: Open story

History of the Chinese Spring Festival: Open story

Harbin Ice and Snow festival: Open story

Dragon Boat Festival: Open story

Chongyang Festival: Open story

Beijing Underground City: Open story

Beijing Old City Wall: Open story

Aground at Heathrow Airport: Open story

A Man of the People: Open story

Enkeltje Beijing: Open story

A preview of my book ‘Enkeltje Beijing’ can be seen here: Book Preview

A new book about my business experiences in China is expected to be published later in 2017.